ACSOL: MA court recognizes harm to registrants

Here is a positive commentary from the Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws regarding recent rulings from the Massachusetts Supreme Court: The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Council, the state’s supreme court, has ruled in favor of registrants who were trying either to terminate their duty to register or to change the tier level on which theyContinue reading “ACSOL: MA court recognizes harm to registrants”

MA court says state has burden to prove dangerousness

The Massachusetts Supreme Court has ruled that the state bears the burden of proof when determining whether registered citizens should or should not be moved to a less dangerous classification. Here’s an excerpt from an article about the ruling at WBUR. “We conclude that the risk of erroneous classification and deprivation remains in reclassification proceedingsContinue reading “MA court says state has burden to prove dangerousness”

Retiring judge comments on residency restrictions

Recently retired Massachusetts Supreme Court Justice Geraldine Hines commented on residency restrictions for registered sex offenders during a recent interview. Justice Hines was on the court when it struck down Massachusetts’ local residency restrictions. And not being immodest here, but one that I contributed to writing — the decision about where registered sex offenders canContinue reading “Retiring judge comments on residency restrictions”