Despite LB 285 of 2009, Rape Reaches Historic High Levels in Nebraska

Rape in Lincoln is at its highest level in 25 years, and rape in Nebraska is on the rise in spite of the state’s harsh sex-offender law enacted in 2009.If the law — LB 285 of 2009 — worked as it was advertised, we would not have this tragic and growing list of victims.LB 285 […]

2015 in Review: One Last Look Back

Wrapping up our look back at 2015:August 21, 2015: Word spreads on how the U.S. Supreme Court used lies to expand laws targetting Registered Citizens. Revisit the post here.September 14, 2015: Another reason it is a good idea to abolish residency restrictions. Revisit the post.November 1, 2015: The Associated Press shines a light on law […]

Want to Protect Children? Then Abolish Residency Restrictions

The recent Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling striking down residency restrictions should be required reading for anyone who claims to want to protect children.The high court accepted evidence that shows that residency restrictions DO NOT protect children and that children in fact ARE NOT AT RISK from Registered Citizens. Click here for a good summary […]

Law Professor: High Court Rulings Premised on a Study That Does Not Exist

All of our sex-offender laws are premised on a statistic that is wrong.Professor Ira Ellman at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University, writes:Proponents of criminal justice reform never talk about sex offenders. They’re political untouchables subject to lifelong restrictions that continue long past their confinement, restrictions justified as necessary to protect […]

Encroaching Upon the Power of the Judiciary

Retroactive application of sex-offender registry laws represents a problematic encroachment upon the judiciary, according to an article in the 2012 Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems. Read it here.

Reprise: Confronting the Lie

Although we’re seeing more news media reports with accurate information about Registered Citizens and registries, most of what you read or hear on these topics in the mainstream news media is wrong.As a public service, Nebraskans Unafraid offers a mid-summer reprise of last year’s Confronting the Lie series. Here is Part One:

Champion of Adam Walsh Act is in Trouble

Former U.S. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is in trouble. He’s been charged with evading financial reporting requirements, for allegedly withdrawing $1.7 million from several banks over the past four years.He apparently agreed to pay a former student-athlete, from Hastert’s days as a teacher and coach in Yorkville, Illinois, $3.5 million to hide past […]

Your Local Politician Will See to It That Some Day, You’re on a Registry

We’ll say it again: Sooner or later, you or someone you know and love will be on one of the state-sanctioned hit-lists for crazies that they call registries. Politicians know that the coolest and easiest way to seem to be doing something about a problem (without ever really doing anything about it) is to pass […]