Watch "Solitary Nation" podcast featuring Dr. Lisa Sample

Dr. Lisa Sample was the guest one the initial episode of the weekly podcast, “Solitary Nation.” Host, Matt Duhamel, talks with Dr. Sample about her research on sex offender laws, desistance from sex offending, and the effect the registry and public notification have on registrants and their families. Watch the 20 minute podcast here. FindContinue reading “Watch "Solitary Nation" podcast featuring Dr. Lisa Sample”

Nebraska Research to be Highlighted in New Book

Nebraskans Unafraid┬ácollaborates with Lisa Sample, Ph.D., of the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Dr. Sample’s research into the experiences of Nebraska registrants is the basis for a book,┬áLiving Under Sex Offense Laws: Consequences for Offenders and Their Family Members, to be published in 2018 by Routledge. Dr. Sample wroteContinue reading “Nebraska Research to be Highlighted in New Book”

Sex Offense Policy Research website

A new website, featuring the work of some of the top scholars in the field, will provide the latest research on sex offense policy. The website is for the Sex Offense Policy Research working group, which held its second annual meeting in Boston this summer. Dr. Lisa Sample is the president, and a founding member,Continue reading “Sex Offense Policy Research website”