Kansas governor signs bill to compensate wrongfully convicted

Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer has signed a bill that will compensate people who are wrongfully convicted of a crime in Kansas.His signature on House Bill 2579 made Kansas the 33rd state to enact a wrongful conviction compensation statute. It was described by advocates as the “gold standard” for the nation. Individuals found by a court […]

Kansas bill would remove drug offenders from public registry

In Kansas, many people convicted of drug crimes are placed on a public registry along with those convicted of sex offenses. The state of Kansas is considering relieving some 4,600 or so “drug offenders” of the burden of being on a public registry.The rationale for removing drug offenders from the registry also apply to sex […]

Kansas bill would reveal names of juvenile sex offenders

This is a big step in the wrong direction.The family of a Newton mother and daughter who were killed last year is pushing for a new law that would reveal the names of child sex offenders. Keith Hawkins was sentenced this month to life without the possibility of parole for the deaths of 24-year-old Alyssa Runyon and 4-year-old Zaylynn Paz. In […]

Kansas reconsiders criminal registries

Officials in Kansas are considering reducing the number of crimes (though apparently not sex offenses) that can land people on public registries.It’s meant to boost public safety, but the Kansas Sentencing Commission says other consequences come with publishing the past transgressions of nearly 20,000 Kansans.“The state,” agency director Scott Schultz told lawmakers this month, “has […]

How reliable are sex offender locator sites?

There are a number of websites and apps that claim to track the locations of registered sex offenders. However, as KAKE News of Wichita, Kansas, reports, those sites are often not very reliable.One example of the inaccuracies of the registered offender search website that’s run by the state of Kansas is the case of Kelly […]

Kansas Supreme Court overrules itself in series of rulings on sex offender registry

In a confounding series of rulings Friday, the Kansas Supreme Court overturned three of its own decisions in ultimately ruling that lifetime registration for convicted sex offenders is not punitive.From the Kansas City Star’s report:In three separate opinions issued Friday, the court found 2011 changes to the sex offender registry law cannot be applied retroactively […]