Law Professor: High Court Rulings Premised on a Study That Does Not Exist

All of our sex-offender laws are premised on a statistic that is wrong.Professor Ira Ellman at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University, writes:Proponents of criminal justice reform never talk about sex offenders. They’re political untouchables subject to lifelong restrictions that continue long past their confinement, restrictions justified as necessary to protect […]

The Atlantic on Mandatory Reporting Laws

Mandatory reporting laws (Nebraska has one) require therapists to turn their clients in to police, just like the church used to require that unbelievers be turned over to the Inquisition.Among the multitude of problems with such laws is the fact that they discourage people from seeking the help they need.The Atlantic recently took a good long […]

First They Scare You, Then They Take Your Money

The sex-offender industry works like this: They scare you and then take your money by pretending to protect you.Slimy politicians enact laws that guarantee former offenders will somehow run afoul of the myriad complicated rules and regs put in place under the guise of protecting the public. This supplies our overcrowded prisons with an unending […]

prison riot kills two inmates convicted of sex offenses; attorney general dithers

A prison riot at the Tecumseh [NE] State Correctional Institution left two inmates dead. Both had been convicted of sexual assault of a child.The prison, of course, has been on lockdown while the staff restores order.Officials stress there is no risk to the public.Good to know. Instead of a risk to the public, two men […]

They’re Not Waiting for Someone Else to Get Things Done

A Registered Citizen and an attorney in Texas have done enough homework to develop a legitimate court challenge to one city’s residency restriction ordinance. They’re now looking for other Texas cities to target with lawsuits. Read about it by clicking here.In California, Janice Bellucci and compatriots are dismantling residency restrictions, community by community:Just two inspiring examples of […]

2014 in Review: Refugees in Nebraska

Eleventh in a series reviewing some of the most popular NebraskaFACTS posts of 2014.November 2014Our series REFUGEES USA: Families Destroyed by the Registry is still garnering dozens of new pageviews every day. Part II was one of the best-read:REFUGEES USA: Forced Into Homelessness

Los Angeles Times Op-Ed Piece on U.S. Judicial Failure

We thought we were getting “tough on crime” here in the USA.Instead, we’ve become the world’s leader in just throwing people away because we don’t like them.The Los Angeles Times has published a powerful opinion piece on this topic by Robert Smith, assistant professor of law at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and […]

We Hear Your Voice When No One Else Will Listen

None of us wants to believe that law enforcement personnel, whose salaries are paid by our tax dollars, are capable of horrendously illegal acts. But reality tells us they are (just one example). All of us want to believe that “innocent until proven guilty” is a muscular feature of our criminal justice system. And absolutely none […]