Failure to Comply Arrests Reveal Flaws in Sex Offender Registries

In an article at the Appeal, Joshua Vaughn notes that in just one Pennsylvania county, in one year, more than three times as many people on the sex offender registry were charged with failing to comply with registry requirements as were charged with new sex crimes.Hundreds of people every year in Pennsylvania are arrested and […]

DA to ask Supreme Court to review Pennsylvania sex offender registry decision

The District Attorney of Cumberland County Pennsylvania says he’ll ask the U.S Supreme Court to review a recent decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that found the state’s current sex offender registration law is punishment and can’t be applied retroactively.Just as in Nebraska, many Pennsylvanians saw their registration requirements increase when the state changed its […]

Report questions effectiveness of sex offender registries

Writing for the Sentinel of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, reporter Joshua Vaughn questions the effectiveness of sex offender registries — especially since most new sex crimes are committed by first-time offenders.The Sentinel reviewed more than 450 charged sex crime cases in Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry, Franklin and Adams counties in 2016 and found only 15 cases where the […]

Newspaper takes a closer look at sex offender registry

A recent article we linked to examining the effectiveness of sex offender registries is actually part of a series of stories published in the Sentinel of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, that looks at the registry from a variety of perspectives.The series includes an overview of Pennsylvania’s sexoffender registry.Also included is an in-depth article explaining that the counselor […]