Lawsuit filed over IML passport marker

Attorney Janice Bellucci and the Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws has filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of the “unique identifier” being added to the passports of registered child sex offenders. The lawsuit was filed Thursday in the Central District of the U.S. District Court of California.Bellucci estimated that the requirement could affect more […]

Seeking to challenge Omaha residency restriction ordinance

Nebraskans Unafraid needs your help as we seek to challenge Omaha’s sex offender residency restriction ordinance. If we do not challenge Omaha residency restrictions, a disabled Vietnam veteran will be removed from his rent-supported home. He is far from alone. Many other registrants are told where they may and may not live because of residency […]

Federal judge dismisses IML lawsuit

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging the International Megan’s Law, saying the lawsuit was premature, according to a report in the Washington Post.U.S. District Court Judge Phyllis Hamilton said Friday it was also not clear yet who would be subject to the passport identifier and what form the identifier would take.The law would […]

Watch film of IML Protest

Dozens of registered citizens and supporters protested International Megan’s Law outside a federal courthouse in Oakland, California on July 27. The protest followed a hearing on the government’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the law.Take time to watch a short video of the protest, produced by Metamora Films.Watch the video here and here.

Dozens Protest International Megan’s Law Following Court Hearing

Dozens of registered sex offenders and advocates staged a peaceful protest outside a federal courthouse in Oakland, California. The demonstration followed a hearing on a government motion to dismiss a challenge to International Megan’s Law. According to California RSOL:More than 40 people today participated in a peaceful protest held outside the federal district court in Oakland.  Participants included […]

Government seeks dismissal of IML lawsuit

The federal government has filed a motion seeking dismissal of the court challenge to International Megan’s Law. From CA RSOL:The government’s motion is based upon allegations that the plaintiffs in the case lack standing and that the challenge to the addition of a unique identifier to passports is not yet ripe.“The government’s Motion to Dismiss the […]

Judge denies request to halt implementation of IML

While the lawsuit against International Megan’s Law continues, a federal judge has refused a request to halt implementation of the law.Courthouse News Service reports on the decision by U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton.Following a hearing last month, U.S. District Chief Judge Phyllis Hamilton on Wednesday rejected a motion to halt implementation of the law, saying that while domestic […]

Judge considers request to halt implementation of IML

A U.S. District Judge has yet to rule on a request for a preliminary injunction to halt implementation of the International Megan’s Law. Courthouse News Service reports that Chief Judge Phyllis Hamilton heard arguments Wednesday in San Francisco.Attorney Janice Bellucci is representing plaintiffs in the lawsuit seeking to overturn the law, which requires the government to […]

Lawsuit filed to challenge International Megan’s Law

President Obama signed International Megan’s Law on Monday, and the fight to have the law struck down has already begun.On Tuesday morning, California RSOL president Janice Bellucci filed a lawsuit in the San Francisco Federal District Court seeking to have the law struck down.Read more here.