New registry classification proposed in Iowa

An Iowa State Representative has proposed a new registry classification for the state — something called Tier IV registration. Rep. Dean Fisher explains his utterly misguided proposal in his newsletter. Tier IV Sex Offender Registry – House File 163. This is a bill that I introduced during the 2017 session which I am continuing toContinue reading “New registry classification proposed in Iowa”

Iowa court rules sex offenders must register despite appeals

The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that people convicted of sex crimes must register as sex offenders, even if they appeal their conviction.  As reported by Iowa Public Radio: The case centers on the appeal of Brian James Maxwell, who was hired as a youth coordinator for two churches in the Winterset area in MarchContinue reading “Iowa court rules sex offenders must register despite appeals”

Iowa court rules warrantless search of phone legal

In a case from Iowa, the 8th Circuit Court has ruled that the warrantless search of a sex offender’s phone was not unconstitutional. In 2015, Jackson was on supervised release at an Iowa correctional reentry facility. The facility banned mobile phones but he had one anyway. Jackson’s probation officer searched his phone without a warrantContinue reading “Iowa court rules warrantless search of phone legal”