Superintendent defends decision to allow former registrant to volunteer at school

Here’s a bit of positive news to start your May. The superintendent of an eastern Iowa school district is defending his decision to allow a former registrant to volunteer in the district, even though the decision could cost him his job.The story is reported by Iowa Public Radio.Trent Yoder has been volunteering with Mid-Prairie Schools […]

Uproar over former registrant allowed to volunteer at Iowa school

The Des Moines Register has an article about concern over a former Iowa teacher, who was convicted 20 years ago of exploitation of a minor for recording female students changing in a school restroom, now allowed to volunteer at his children’s school. The man served a short prison sentence and was on Iowa’s sex offender […]

Iowa court rules two men can’t be held in civil commitment

The Iowa Supreme Court struck a blow against Iowa’s civil commitment program, ruling that the state couldn’t hold two men indefinitely past their court-mandated sentences.Here are a couple key quotes from the Associated Press article.”Preventive detention is very limited in American law because it is seen as antithetical to fundamental liberty interests and the presumption of […]

New registry classification proposed in Iowa

An Iowa State Representative has proposed a new registry classification for the state — something called Tier IV registration. Rep. Dean Fisher explains his utterly misguided proposal in his newsletter.Tier IV Sex Offender Registry – House File 163. This is a bill that I introduced during the 2017 session which I am continuing to work […]

Iowa court rules sex offenders must register despite appeals

The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that people convicted of sex crimes must register as sex offenders, even if they appeal their conviction. As reported by Iowa Public Radio:The case centers on the appeal of Brian James Maxwell, who was hired as a youth coordinator for two churches in the Winterset area in March 2014. That […]

Iowa court rules warrantless search of phone legal

In a case from Iowa, the 8th Circuit Court has ruled that the warrantless search of a sex offender’s phone was not unconstitutional.In 2015, Jackson was on supervised release at an Iowa correctional reentry facility. The facility banned mobile phones but he had one anyway.Jackson’s probation officer searched his phone without a warrant and saw […]

Iowa prosecutor drops sexting charges against teen

Sanity prevails in Iowa, as the Marion County Attorney has agreed to not file charges against a teenage girl who sent racy (not nude) photos of herself to a classmate. As reported by the Des Moines Register:The girl was a freshman at Knoxville High School when she sent two photos in March 2016, one with a […]

Iowa can’t block sex offender from having smart phone

An Iowa appeals court has ruled that the state cannot prohibit a registered sex offender from having a smart phone. The court ruled the internet restriction was unreasonable because the internet was not used in commission of the crime.The 23-year-old man plead guilty to counts of lascivious acts with a child and assault with intent […]

Sexting scam targets Iowa men

The Des Moines Register reports on a sexting scam that the Iowa Department of Public Safety says has targeted some men in Iowa.The scam starts by an alleged woman contacting a man through an online dating app or website. Within days, the woman says they should start texting. The texting then turns sexual and includes the exchange of nude photos […]

Iowa considering separate facility for aging sex offenders

The state of Iowa is considering building a facility to house and care for elderly sex offenders. According to a report in the Cedar Rapids Gazette, the director of the state’s Department of Corrections, Jerry Bartruff, supports the idea.That’s because finding places for elderly sex offenders to live after they’ve served their time in prison […]