Douglas County Deputy ignorant of the law

In 2012, a federal judge ruled it unconstitutional for Nebraska law enforcement to collect online information from registered citizens. Just this year, in the Packingham case, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously struck down North Carolina’s law prohibiting registrants from accessing social media sites.Despite these rulings, it seems the Douglas County, Nebraska, sheriff’s office is making things […]

Colorado county forced to disband internet sting unit

The Denver Post reports that a Colorado District Attorney’s office was forced to disband its child sex offender internet investigation unit, after a complaint from a defense attorney.A grievance filed by defense attorney Phil Cherner with the Colorado Supreme Court Standing Committee on the Rules of Professional Conduct about the CHEEZO operation led to the unit being disbanded.At […]

Illinois Court Upholds SO Internet Identifier Law

In a ruling that contradicted some previous federal court decisions, the Illinois Supreme Court upheld the state’s law requiring registered sex offenders to disclose internet identifiers and websites. The case began when a McLean County man who was adjudicated a sex offender as a juvenile failed to tell police about updates to his Facebook page in […]