Task Force Examining Illinois Sex Offender Laws

A task force in Illinois is examining the state’s sex offender registration laws, and will be making recommendations for changes at start of next year.This article in the Pantagraph newspaper of Bloomington, Illinois, quotes one task force member, McLean County Attorney Jason Chambers.The use of evidence-based practices to create a system that protects the public without […]

Illinois Court Strikes Sex Offender Park Ban

An Illinois appeals court has found the state’s law banning registered sex offenders from setting foot in public parks unconstitutional, because the law criminalizes innocent conduct.The court’s 2-1 ruling reverses the conviction of a registrant who was convicted of walking his dog in a park.“We hold that section 11-9.4-1(b) is facially unconstitutional because it is […]

Sex offenders say Illinois parole system is broken

A group of registered sex offenders have filed a federal lawsuit in Chicago, saying residence restrictions keep them in prison even after they’ve been granted parole. They say the restrictions amount to life sentences.The trouble begins with the courts’ interpretation of the sentencing law, which permits parole terms from three years to life at a […]

Illinois Court Upholds SO Internet Identifier Law

In a ruling that contradicted some previous federal court decisions, the Illinois Supreme Court upheld the state’s law requiring registered sex offenders to disclose internet identifiers and websites. The case began when a McLean County man who was adjudicated a sex offender as a juvenile failed to tell police about updates to his Facebook page in […]

Illinois’ other registry

It’s not well-publicized, but the state of Illinois is one of a handful of states that has “Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Registry” in addition to its more famous cousin, the sex offender registry. The Chicago Tribune fills in the details.The Child Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Registry came into being in June 2006. […]

Federal lawsuit challenges Illinois sex offender registry laws

Five registered sex offenders have filed a federal lawsuit challenging portions of Illinois’ sex offender registry law. Specifically, the plaintiffs claim provisions restricting where child sex offenders may be present are unconstitutionally vague.Read more about the lawsuit here.Read the full text of the complaint here.