7th Circuit ruling will force registrants from their homes

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the dismissal of a challenge to Illinois’ sex offender residency restriction law. As NARSOL reports, the decision means at least two men, and likely more people will be forced from their homes.By Larry . . . NARSOL is disappointed to report that the United States Court of […]

Writing sex offender laws based on fake recidivism numbers is rational, court says

More on the Illinois Supreme Court’s decision to reverse a lower court decision and uphold the state’s ban on child sex offenders in public parks. Commentary from Jacob Sullom at Reason.Last week the Illinois Supreme Court upheld a state law banning sex offenders from public parks, overturning a 2017 appeals court ruling that deemed the statute “unconstitutional on its face […]

Illinois park ban remains in effect

A disappointing ruling from the Illinois Supreme Court, from Illinois Voices for Reform:This morning (4/5), the Illinois Supreme Court issued a ruling in the Pepitone case regarding the law prohibiting individuals convicted of a sexually-based offense against a minor from being in parks, paths, and bike trails. A lower court had ruled the law unconstitutional, […]

Unjust sexual offense laws: Insanity and Hope

NARSOL Executive Director Brenda Jones and former prosecutor Ken Abraham write for the Criminal Legal News website about what may be hopeful signs for the future of sex offense laws in the United States. Hope, they point out, comes in the form of recommendations from a task force in Illinois that spent two years examining […]

Illinois court rules lifetime sex offender registration "grossly disproportionate punishment" for 21 year old

Another court says the registry is punishment. Via the Florida Action Committee:The opinion in People v. Tetter, which came out a couple days ago, is another great decision to add to our growing list of cases where courts have found the registry to be “punishment” and conditions of the registry have crossed the line into irrational.  Kyle […]

IL Supreme Court considers validity of ban on sex offenders in parks

The Illinois Supreme Court has heard arguments in a case challenging the constitutionality of the state’s law prohibiting child sex offenders from being in public parks. The attorney for the man challenging the law told justices the law keeps those affected by the law from a wide range of places in Illinois.Strohl told the justices […]

Illinois task force recommends changes to sex offender registry

Major changes could be coming to Illinois’ sex offender registry laws, based on recommendations from a task force that has spent months assessing the state’s laws. The task force released its recommendations this week.Among the recommendations is a revision to automatically remove low-level offenders from the public registry after a set time, a move that […]

Corey’s Goal aims to educate schools on disciplinary issues

The parents of an Illinois teenager who committed suicide in January are taking steps to turn the grief over their son’s death in a positive direction. They have created a charity that could benefit young people across the country in years to come.Nearly a year after their son’s meeting with Naperville North High School officials, […]

Some Illinois sex offenders remain in prison years after their sentences end

Residence restrictions make it difficult for many registered sex offenders to find safe, adequate, and affordable housing. That’s under the best of circumstances. In Illinois, laws force many people who can’t find housing to remain in prison long after their sentences end.The situation has prompted a class action lawsuit against the state, and even one […]

Supreme Court asked to review Illinois sex offender case

Lawyers for an Illinois man are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review his case to determine the constitutionality of that state’s law requiring registered sex offenders to report all Internet activity to authorities.In a petition filed with the nation’s highest court, lawyers for Mark Minnis, 24, are asking for a review of whether offenders’ First Amendment rights are violated […]