Judge rejects Idaho sex offender registration lawsuit

Bad news regarding the lawsuit challenging Idaho’s sex offender registry. BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A federal judge has rejected a lawsuit challenging Idaho’s sex offender registration laws. But the 134 anonymous sex offenders who brought the lawsuit have the option to refile the case if they can show the current laws caused them actual harm.  U.S.Continue reading “Judge rejects Idaho sex offender registration lawsuit”

Lawsuit against Idaho registry expands…now includes more than 130 plaintiffs

A lawsuit filed last year on behalf of 104 registered sex offenders challenging provisions of Idaho’s sex offender registry has expanded to now include 134 plaintiffs. The lawsuit alleges the state’s sex offender registry laws violate several constitutional guarantees — including double jeopardy, due process, equal protection, religious freedom, and cruel and unusual punishment. TheContinue reading “Lawsuit against Idaho registry expands…now includes more than 130 plaintiffs”