Do You Really Think You Are Protecting Your Children?

FACT: Do you think you are protecting your children? What are the chances your child will be abducted and killed by a registered citizen? By comparison, your child is: 1,400 percent more likely to hang him/herself; 1,500 percent more likely to shoot him/herself; 15,300 percent more likely to be killed in an auto accident (of childrenContinue reading “Do You Really Think You Are Protecting Your Children?”

Cali Sex Offenders Management Board: Residency Restrictions Do Not Protect Anyone

FACT: The California Sex Offenders Management Board reports that there is no evidence anywhere that restricting where registered citizens can live will protect children. This and other FACTS are included in a downloadable brochure, What You Don’t Know About Sex Offenders But Should, provided by SOSEN. Get the brochure here.

Have You Seen the Movie Where They Persecute the ‘Sense Offenders’?

Sometimes I’m late to the game. Just saw the 2002 movie Equilibrium. It received some deservedly awful reviews when it came out, and that’s probably why I had not bothered with it until now. But anyone who has even a vague interest in the topics covered in this blog should see it. Here’s what recommends it:Continue reading “Have You Seen the Movie Where They Persecute the ‘Sense Offenders’?”