FEARLESS Folk Pack the House

Packed house for FEARLESS last evening. We even split into two groups for a portion of the meeting: Spouses and friends talked with one another, and registered citizens did the same.Some of us were there for our second meeting, and we welcomed new faces. We shared about the tactics that have helped us survive and […]

Nebraska Sex Offender Website Guideline #4

The Nebraska Sex Offender Registry website prior to Jan. 1, 2010, included only individuals who were at high risk to reoffend. Since Jan. 1, 2010, the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry website has included people who are not dangerous as well as people who are innocent of what they were accused of doing. These are individuals […]

Did Anyone Watching the Nebraska Corrections Mess Catch This Part? — NO NEW SEX OFFENSES!

Understand this: Failure to register as a sex offender is NOT a sex offense. It could mean that a registered citizen failed to understand Nebraska’s nearly incomprehensible laws on former offenders. Or it could mean the state messed up and entered wrong info about an offender (we have documented cases where that happens).So when you […]

Nebraska Sex Offender Website Guideline #3

The Nebraska Sex Offender Registry website includes some people who have been evaluated and deemed to be at high risk to reoffend, but you cannot tell who those people are. Under Nebraska law, some of them are on the registry for only 10 years because Nebraska no longer pays any attention to risk of reoffense.Complete […]

Nebraska Sex Offender Website Guideline #2

The Nebraska Sex Offender Registry website includes many people who were evaluated and deemed to be of low risk to reoffend, and thus were not on the website prior to Jan. 1, 2010. Some of those people are now on the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry website for life even though their offenses were committed years […]

Nebraska Sex Offender Website Guideline #1

The majority of the people on the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry website are not dangerous. The Nebraska Sex Offender Registry website is not based on any scientific risk of reoffense.Complete Guidelines

‘A Principle of Ancient Origin’

The Supreme Court of New Jersey has ruled that adding new punishments to registered citizens violates both the state and the U.S. Constitutions.“A well established principle of ancient origin is that the Legislature cannot increase the punishment for a crime after it has been committed,” wrote Justice Barry Albin in this week’s decision. (Isn’t it […]

Inspiring Newsletter This Month

The September 2014 issue of Ninety-Five%, our newsletter for those who support us financially, has been mailed.It tells a couple of inspiring stories:One is about a registered citizen who succeeded in getting his time on the registry reduced to 10 years, meaning he dropped off the state’s hate website. The second is about a registered […]

Tell Us Again How Sex-Offender Laws Protect Children?

One day, sex offender laws will become so preposterous that even the mother of the “Megan” of Megan’s Law will denounce them.Oh, wait. That day is here.Maureen Kanka of New Jersey, whose daughter became the law’s namesake, blasted prosecutors who have charged a 14-year-old girl who posted some nude photos of herself to her MySpace […]