Huge Hammer; Not an Ounce of Prevention

Elizabeth J. Letourneau, Ph.D.Registries, public-shaming websites like the one in Nebraska, and ever-harsher laws hammering registered citizens again and again do NOTHING to prevent sexual assaults of children.Elizabeth J. Letourneau has spent decades working with sexual offenders. She is Director of the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Associate Professor, Department […]

Dynamic Duo Defeat Dumb Laws in California

An excellent article profiles the California pair that is forcing cities in California, lawsuit by lawsuit, to repeal their dumb and ineffective registered-citizen laws. Even more eye-opening are the comments on the article, which are overwhelmingly against the over-reaching, unconstitutional laws.If only we could find an attorney in Nebraska to take on something like this […]

Maryland Court of Appeals Understands Ex Post Facto

On March 4, 2013 the Maryland Court of Appeals ruled that retroactively requiring a person to register as a sex offender in accordance with laws created in 2009 and 2010 violates the prohibition against ex post facto laws contained in Article 17 of the Maryland Declaration of Rights. This video shows the oral argument that […]

You Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee

University of Nebraska-Omaha research shows that Nebraska’s 2009 sex-offender law (LB 285) does not protect the public, makes communities more dangerous and has created a class of “social refugees” — registered citizens.Here’s to you, Social Refugees.You don’t have to live like one. Join us.

Jury Agrees Registration Forms Unclear, Confusing

A Douglas County, Nebraska, jury deliberated for only an hour before acquitting a registered citizen who was charged with failure to register.The verdict came on Thursday, Oct. 9, when the jury agreed with the defense that registry forms are unclear and the law is confusing.Failure to register is a phonied-up non-sex-offense designed to trap people […]

Nebraska Sex Offender Website Guideline #8

Never forget the consequences of other laws that publicly labeled people as dangerous. Nebraska’s Sex Offender Registry website has harmed many children. Complete Guidelines

Nebraska Sex Offender Website Guideline #7

If you find that you have a neighbor listed on the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry website, and your neighbor lives with her or his family, or holds a job or otherwise leads a productive life, that person probably is no more dangerous than you yourself are. Under no circumstances should you buy into typical popular […]

Nebraska Sex Offender Website Guideline #6

Evidence shows that a stable home life, employment and reintegration into their communities are among factors that reduce the likelihood of reoffense. This means that the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry website makes Nebraska more dangerous because it causes people to lose their jobs and their homes, and it causes their families to suffer. The latest […]

Halloween Claptrap Season Is Near

Welcome to October, Halloween month, when law enforcement and the news media try to frighten you under the pretense of promoting public safety.As we inform you every year,  non-family sex crimes against children on Halloween are virtually non-existent. Recent research in Nebraska shows that the reoffense rate of former sex offenders is extremely low.Despite these facts, you […]

Nebraska Sex Offender Website Guideline #5

The Nebraska Legislature’s finding from the 1990s that all sex offenders are dangerous was not based on any scientific, empirical evidence. It was a politically-motivated “made up” finding that was based on popular myth. There is a vast and growing body of evidence that the reverse is actually true – that sex offenders are among […]