Minnesota Lawsuit Tests Civil Commitment

” . . . it’s really important that our system of justice doesn’t decide things on whether we think the people are hateful or awful.”— Minnesota attorney Dan Gustafson, who represents the plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against Minnesota and its medieval civil commitment program.Trial begins Monday in federal court in Minnesota in a complicatedContinue reading “Minnesota Lawsuit Tests Civil Commitment”

2014 in Review: The Most-Viewed Post of the Year

Eighth in a series reviewing some of the most popular¬†NebraskaFACTS¬†posts of 2014. August 2014 This is the #1 best-read post of 2014, which continues to receive dozens of new pageviews every month, yet “reporters” in Nebraska appear unable to see it. ¬† UNO Researchers Document Harm Done by Nebraska Sex-Offender Law

The Other Collapsing Campus Rape Story

In addition to the one at Rolling Stone magazine, there is another campus rape story that is collapsing under the withering glare of fact-checking. In this one, some experts are wondering if the accused might seek damages. Read about it here. Other useful news and opinion on the Rolling Stone mess: What Would Joseph PulitzerContinue reading “The Other Collapsing Campus Rape Story”