Cali Sex Offenders Management Board: Residency Restrictions Do Not Protect Anyone

FACT: The California Sex Offenders Management Board reports that there is no evidence anywhere that restricting where registered citizens can live will protect children.This and other FACTS are included in a downloadable brochure, What You Don’t Know About Sex Offenders But Should, provided by SOSEN. Get the brochure here.

Have You Seen the Movie Where They Persecute the ‘Sense Offenders’?

Sometimes I’m late to the game. Just saw the 2002 movie Equilibrium. It received some deservedly awful reviews when it came out, and that’s probably why I had not bothered with it until now. But anyone who has even a vague interest in the topics covered in this blog should see it. Here’s what recommends it:It […]

Humor: Nebraska Politicians Propose Sex-Offender Amendments to the Bible

They’re not clear on exactly how they intend to make it happen, but some Nebraska politicians are proposing amendments to the Bible.We have obtained a copy of some of the proposed changes, which still are in draft form. The politicians are reviewing them to see if they can be made even more harsh.Here are four […]

October Ninety-Five% Has More Term Reduction Info

The October issue of Ninety-Five%, the monthly newsletter for donors and friends of Nebraskans Unafraid (NU), includes key info on how you determine if you’re eligible for a registry term reduction.The newsletter also includes an update on the NU Compassion Initiative, which has been serving the registered citizen community for two years.The newsletter is sent […]

The Big Blind Spot in the Prison-Overcrowding Conversation

The prison-overcrowding issue continues in Nebraska. And public policy-makers continue to walk on tip-toe around one major issue: Needless incarcerations of former sex-offenders.We’ll connect the dots.DOT: The latest report from the Council of State Governments Justice Center (CSGJC) says Nebraska’s prisons are bulging because, among other things, too many people are being returned to prison […]

Better Get Rid of Your Board Games

A man in the U.K. has been convicted for possessing cartoon images of children. The story is here.What is next?War-crimes convictions for people who play Stratego, or chess?Business fraud prosecutions for people who play Monopoly?Porn convictions for those who own copies of Lolita?

FEARLESS Topic Tonight: The Neighborhood Bully

TOPIC FOR FEARLESS TONIGHT:Have you had your run-in with the neighborhood bully? You know, the blusterer who’s going to protect the place from you?What will you do when this happens?A few of us have dealt with this situation, and we’ll share what we know about neutralizing the bully. (Here’s a hint: The bully is in […]

Grisham Need Not Have Apologized

A cogent post in Notes from the Handbasket begins:Radley Balko steps in to remind us that John Grisham is not a lunatic who cares nothing for justice even though Grisham himself has apologized for his earlier statements about child pornography sentences.Read the entire post.

Bottom-feeder Kids Live Safe Has a Bridge It Wants to Sell You

Bottom-feeding Kids Live Safe, based in Santa Barbara, Calif., grubs money off sex-offender registries. What’s sad is that what these scumbags are selling can be had for free. And in view of public-shaming websites’ proven ineffectiveness as public-safety tools, $0 is what they’re worth.Click here for a story on this issue out of Missouri.

So Statutory Compliance is a Luxury?

Exactly what do you think might happen to you, Registered Citizen, if you, confronted by The Law, responded: “I don’t have the luxury of insisting on statutory compliance”?Right. You soon would disappear into the black hole that is the Nebraska corrections system.So what do you think will happen to the Nebraska state officials who pick […]