Better Get Rid of Your Board Games

A man in the U.K. has been convicted for possessing cartoon images of children. The story is here. What is next? War-crimes convictions for people who play Stratego, or chess? Business fraud prosecutions for people who play Monopoly? Porn convictions for those who own copies of Lolita?

FEARLESS Topic Tonight: The Neighborhood Bully

TOPIC FOR FEARLESS TONIGHT: Have you had your run-in with the neighborhood bully? You know, the blusterer who’s going to protect the place from you? What will you do when this happens? A few of us have dealt with this situation, and we’ll share what we know about neutralizing the bully. (Here’s a hint: TheContinue reading “FEARLESS Topic Tonight: The Neighborhood Bully”

Grisham Need Not Have Apologized

A cogent post in Notes from the Handbasket begins: Radley Balko steps in to remind us that John Grisham is not a lunatic who cares nothing for justice even though Grisham himself has apologized for his earlier statements about child pornography sentences. Read the entire post.