Want to Protect Children? Then Abolish Residency Restrictions

The recent Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling striking down residency restrictions should be required reading for anyone who claims to want to protect children.The high court accepted evidence that shows that residency restrictions DO NOT protect children and that children in fact ARE NOT AT RISK from Registered Citizens. Click here for a good summary […]

Of Churches and the Law . . . and Journalism

First, the Daily Beast publishes a story about a church in Oregon that welcomes former sex offenders. Then someone takes the story down. But by then the story has been picked up by the Oregonian (click here).Now, the author of the story — Tod Kelly — tells the back story about the story. It seems the […]

‘Predator Alert’ Email Scam Prompts Notice from West Virginia Attorney General

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has issued a warning so parents will know that those “child predator alert” emails are a scam. Emails claiming to be a “community safety” alert have been circulating throughout the state and nation. The alert appears to be a personalized warning about a child predator that has relocated into […]

Former FBI Agent: Vast Majority of Child Sex Assaults Committed by Family and Friends

High-profile former FBI agent Jim Clemente, who worked primarily on cases involving sexual assaults of children, has this to say about child victims:”The vast majority are victimized by people they know and people they love.” That means that sex-offender registries protect no one.Asked to quantify “vast majority,” Clemente said (based on his experience) 99.99 percent. […]

Minnesota Lawsuit Tests Civil Commitment

” . . . it’s really important that our system of justice doesn’t decide things on whether we think the people are hateful or awful.”– Minnesota attorney Dan Gustafson, who represents the plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against Minnesota and its medieval civil commitment program.Trial begins Monday in federal court in Minnesota in a complicated […]

This Child’s Own Family Was the Biggest Threat

A 6-year-old Missouri child is terrorized by his own family members to “teach him a lesson” about “stranger danger.” This is well-nigh incomprehensible. Click here to read the story.

Report: Homefacts.com Untrustworthy, Not Transparent and Unreliable

Some useful information from Scamadviser.com about the Homefacts.com website:Homefacts.com has been reported as being untrustworthy.The owner of Homefacts.com is using a service to hide their identity.Homefacts.com has been given a low reliability rating by other websites.

NebraskaFACTS Blog Page Views Double in Little More Than Two Months

NebraskaFACTS blog page views have doubled in little more than two months. On November 24, 2014, we reported that we had hit 10,000 page views. Today, we have surpassed 20,000 page views.Thank you, our readers, for this exponential growth.

Extraordinary and Rare Event: Texas Reporter Researches and Writes About Facts & Residency Restrictions

Josie Musico, reporter for the Lubbock (Texas) Avalanche-Journal, took the time to research residency restrictions and then wrote about what the studies say.You already know that the research shows residency restrictions are dumb and don’t work.I call attention to this because most reporters simply parrot politicians’ blathering when it comes to this or any other […]