2015 in Review: One Last Look Back

Wrapping up our look back at 2015:August 21, 2015: Word spreads on how the U.S. Supreme Court used lies to expand laws targetting Registered Citizens. Revisit the post here.September 14, 2015: Another reason it is a good idea to abolish residency restrictions. Revisit the post.November 1, 2015: The Associated Press shines a light on law […]

Happy Halloween!

Some responsible Halloween reporting:Sex offenders are the closest thing we have to real-life monsters on Halloween—and surely, few things can horrify a parent like the thought of his or her child being snatched up by a pervert while trick-or-treating. But there is no evidence that children are more likely to be abducted, assaulted, or abused on Halloween […]

Politicians and News Media in Toxic Hookup: Legislation by Anecdote

We see it again and again, yet we do not learn: The news media, hungry for market share, deliver a toxic dose of fear every day.Politicians, hungry for votes, use your fear to promulgate ever harsher laws. Few notice that the laws are based on emotional hype, not facts. And prisons bulge with people who […]

Non-Registered Citizen Fed Up With Politicians’ Fear-Mongering

In the season of the Halloween Hoax, a non-Registered Citizen weighs in:“Politicians like to solve ‘problems’ especially where there really is no problem after all. And Halloween gives them such an opportunity. In all the years of Halloween the scare stories are more scary than the real stories. In actuality one child has been abducted […]