On America’s Civil Death Penalty: The Sexual Offense Registry

Guy Hamilton-Smith writes a guest blog post for the Comparative Penology website, explaining how U.S. sex offender registries promote social isolation and “civil death.”Here is an excerpt:Oscar Wilde, writing from his cell in the Reading Gaol where he was imprisoned for homosexuality at the end of the nineteenth century, observed that “society reserves for itself […]

Guy Hamilton-Smith: Dear Gay

Many registrants will likely be able to easily relate to this moving essay and letter written by Guy Hamilton-Smith.Ryan is the hardest part of my story to explain. We have never met, nor will we, and yet he radically changed the course of my life.The path that I’ve walked since law school was not one that […]

New DOJ report demonstrates stunning disingenuity on cases involving sexual exploitation of children

Guy Hamilton-Smith writes for In Justice Today about a Department of Justice report, ostensibly about federal prosecutions of commercial sexual exploitation of children.A recent bombshell report from the Department of Justice claims that the number of people prosecuted in federal court for commercial sexual exploitation of children roughly doubled between 2004 and 2013.The title of the […]

Sex offender registries as modern day witch hunts

In an essay at In Justice Today, Guy Hamilton Smith writes that 21st Century American sex offender registries are akin to modern-day witch hunts. He says sex offender registries should get much more attention from advocates of criminal justice reform than they now do. An excerpt:Even as we find ourselves in a new era marked by […]