Former corrections attorney says she purposely dropped bombshell

Sharon Lindgren (AP) By Deena Winter | From LINCOLN, Neb. — Sharon Lindgren knew exactly what she was doing when she dropped a bombshell into her testimony during a legislative hearing on prison scandals in September. Why, Lindgren was asked, did she think the state Department of Correctional Services failed to heed a 2013 Nebraska Supreme Court ruling, State vs.Continue reading “Former corrections attorney says she purposely dropped bombshell”

Minnesota Lawsuit Tests Civil Commitment

” . . . it’s really important that our system of justice doesn’t decide things on whether we think the people are hateful or awful.”— Minnesota attorney Dan Gustafson, who represents the plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against Minnesota and its medieval civil commitment program.Trial begins Monday in federal court in Minnesota in a complicatedContinue reading “Minnesota Lawsuit Tests Civil Commitment”

Do You Still Have to Register if You’re the Governor’s Brother-in-Law?

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick in September fired Sandra Edwards, the chair of the state Sex Offender Registry Board. Or maybe she resigned. Depends on who you ask. Edwards has filed a lawsuit saying the governor was retaliating against her because she insisted that Patrick’s brother-in-law, a sexual offender, should register just like any other sexualContinue reading “Do You Still Have to Register if You’re the Governor’s Brother-in-Law?”