Homeless sex offenders lose court fight to remain at tent camp

Homeless registrants who have been staying at an encampment in Hialeah, Florida, lost a court decision Thursday. Miami-Dade County can now proceed with plans to either evict or arrest the residents. A Miami-Dade judge on Thursday cleared the way for the county to dismantle a tent village of homeless sex offenders outside Hialeah, and a lawyerContinue reading “Homeless sex offenders lose court fight to remain at tent camp”

ACLU sues to stop Miami homeless sex offender camp evictions

The situation with the shameful humanitarian crisis that is the encampent of homeless registered sex offenders in Miami continues, as a lawsuit has been filed to try and prevent officials from dismantling the camp. The Miami New Times has a report on the lawsuit. In 2007, New Times broke national news with a story about how a groupContinue reading “ACLU sues to stop Miami homeless sex offender camp evictions”

Some good news from the state of Florida

From the Florida Action Committee comes word that a judge has declared Fr. Lauderdale’s draconian and oppressive sex offender residency restriction ordinance unconstitutional. The Ft Lauderdale Sex Offender Residency Restriction was declared unconstitutional. Wait… what?!?! A Florida SORR was declared unconstitutional?  YES! The municipal ordinance in the City of Ft. Lauderdale that prohibited registered sexContinue reading “Some good news from the state of Florida”