Home-Invasive Verification Visits: Illegal Tricks, Sad Stunts

First in a Series by Eddie SidgeweckAbout those random home-invasive visits to registrants’ homes, undertaken here and there by various law agencies but not required by any state law in Nebraska. In fact, Nebraska’s current state laws supposedly provide law enforcement with the monitoring tools they need, including multiple in-person reports. However, we have documentedContinue reading “Home-Invasive Verification Visits: Illegal Tricks, Sad Stunts”

Laws Aimed at ‘Protecting’ Children Drive 15-Year-Old to Suicide

Third of Three from Gus: Recently I wrote on parenting, and how nobody within school administration has any sense of humor or proportionality in punishment anymore. Both of those articles stemmed from of story of Christian Ademek out of Alabama that brought those issues and the emotions involved to the forefront of my mind. This article comesContinue reading “Laws Aimed at ‘Protecting’ Children Drive 15-Year-Old to Suicide”

Parenting for the Real World

Second of three from Gus: I parent this way: I’d rather teach knife safety than pretend that knives don’t exist and admonish my son from ever touching one. Same would go for firearms, if I could own any. Teaching proper safety keeps kids safe. Pretending dangers don’t exist, or forbidding kids from touching something thatContinue reading “Parenting for the Real World”