Former FBI Agent: Vast Majority of Child Sex Assaults Committed by Family and Friends

High-profile former FBI agent Jim Clemente, who worked primarily on cases involving sexual assaults of children, has this to say about child victims:”The vast majority are victimized by people they know and people they love.” That means that sex-offender registries protect no one.Asked to quantify “vast majority,” Clemente said (based on his experience) 99.99 percent. […]

This Child’s Own Family Was the Biggest Threat

A 6-year-old Missouri child is terrorized by his own family members to “teach him a lesson” about “stranger danger.” This is well-nigh incomprehensible. Click here to read the story.

NebraskaFACTS Blog Page Views Double in Little More Than Two Months

NebraskaFACTS blog page views have doubled in little more than two months. On November 24, 2014, we reported that we had hit 10,000 page views. Today, we have surpassed 20,000 page views.Thank you, our readers, for this exponential growth.

Wisconsin Sheriff Is Not Afraid of the Facts About Sexual Offending

Kewaunee (Wisconsin) County Sheriff Matt Joski not only has the facts about sexual offending, he has the integrity to share them publicly.His recent column in the Green Bay Press Gazette includes this:. . . It is important to note that the recidivism rate among these offenders is only 8.8 percent and that a majority of […]

A Registered Citizen’s Manifesto

I refuse to believe there is nothing I can do. I refuse to whine.I refuse to be silent in the face of state-sanctioned hatred, in the face of laws designed to destroy me and my family. I will not be broken by a vicious system.If no one will hire me, I will create my own […]

Registries and Shaming Websites: Machinery That Transforms Victims Into Registered Citizens

Registries and public-shaming websites like the one we have in Nebraska do no one any good, and they inflict far more damage than our society is willing to admit.We are blinded by the fear whipped up by politicians and others driven by hatred who need to feel better than some group, in this case Registered […]

Pennsylvania High Court Deals Another Blow to Registration Laws

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court throws out lifetime registration for juvenile sexual offenders.In a 5-1 ruling on Monday, December 29, the court said the law is unconstitutional because it does not provide offenders the ability to challenge the assumption that they likely will re-offend.This is a good precedent. Every public-shaming website, including the one in Nebraska, […]

North Carolina Is Into Solutions, Providing Housing for Former Offenders

The most-read post of 2014 on this blog is about University of Nebraska-Omaha research showing that the state’s sex-offender laws and policies deprive people of their homes, jobs and family support systems.Even though former sex offenders have an extremely low rate of reoffense, one of the best ways to increase the likelihood of reoffense is […]

2014 in Review: Our Tax Dollars Support Law Enforcement Invasions of Our Lives

Sixth in a series reviewing some of the most popular NebraskaFACTS posts of 2014.June 2014The Douglas County sheriff’s office persists in attempting extra-legal invasions on the lives of law-abiding registered citizens. This grant-money-grubbing activity wastes your tax dollars and law enforcement resources. And we all know thatHome Invasions Do Not Protect the Public (But They […]

John Walsh Himself Says Tracking Every Registered Citizen Is a Broken System

FACT: What does John Walsh, father of Adam Walsh, have to say about minutely tracking each and every registered citizen? The system is broken. It’s overwhelmed and I think the public is starting to realize that. You can’t paint sex offenders with a broad brush. — John WalshThis and other FACTS are included in a downloadable brochure, What […]