Group Seeks to Revive Idaho Registry Lawsuit

A group of former sex offenders has asked the 9th U.S. Circuit Court to revive their lawsuit against the State of Idaho because they say they were denied their constitutional rights when they were forced to register as sex offenders. The group, referred to only as John Does 1 through 134 in the lawsuit, notifiedContinue reading “Group Seeks to Revive Idaho Registry Lawsuit”

Student Newspaper Opinion: Abolish the Registry

An encouraging student voice says, “ABOLISH THE SEX-OFFENDER REGISTRY.” Opinion writer Ben Edwards, writing in the University of Alaska-Anchorage student newspaper, The Northern Light, puts together a cogent argument in favor of abolishing the sex-offender registry. An excerpt: The sex offender registry is premised under a largely outdated concept of sexual violence. When these registriesContinue reading “Student Newspaper Opinion: Abolish the Registry”

Authorities: Approximately 97% of registrants compliant with state law

As reported in the Omaha World-Herald: The U.S. Marshals Service partnered with several law enforcement agencies Wednesday to check that nearly 100 sex offenders living in Gage and Saline Counties were in compliance with state regulations.  The operation led to the seizure of five guns from one offender and pending weapons charges. Three others wereContinue reading “Authorities: Approximately 97% of registrants compliant with state law”