Feel Safer Now?

Two recent dramatic illustrations of stark-raving insane behavior driven by news-media-manufactured fear:Lenore Skenazy tells us about what happened when a man snapped a selfie in a store, and what happened when a man helped a boy retrieve a ball.Pathetic. Especially so when cops feel a need to issue a news release on a guy helping a […]

The Clueless Associated Press

The Associated Press reported recently that Wichita’s Louie the Clown, an amusement park dummy that had been missing 10 years, was found (GASP!) in the home of a sex offender.The AP offers no word on Louie’s condition or whether he was examined for, uh, any damage.The AP is the outfit that several years ago breathlessly […]

Where Have We Heard This Before? Whip Up Hysterical Fear and Rake in the Tax Dollars (and Votes)

We’re happy to be so not alone.This blog has been diligent in exposing how profitable it is for certain groups to manufacture hysteria over sexual offending. There is in fact a burgeoning sex offender industry in our nation, and some of those who benefit are for-profit prison operators, makers of GPS bracelet technology, law enforcement […]

2014 in Review: Confronting the Lie

Third in a series revisiting this year’s most popular posts.March 2014In response to shoddy reporting on a local TV station, Nebraskans Unafraid interviewed a nationally recognized expert in sexual offending, Lisa Sample, Ph.D., from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. The result was a three-part YouTube series, Confronting the Lie:Confronting the Lie, Part IConfronting the Lie, Part […]

2014 in Review: Assumptions as ‘News’

Second in a series revisiting some of this year’s most popular posts.February 2014When they’re trying to push ratings up so they can justify what they charge for advertising, TV stations sometimes buy into law enforcement publicity stunts, which meansAssumptions Are ‘News’ at KETV-Channel 7

So Much for ‘News’ at Rolling Stone Magazine

First, understand this: Under no circumstances should a crime victim be attacked or blamed.In the emotionally volatile territory around sexual accusations, understand also that accusations are accusations until a court of law determines otherwise. Unfortunately, all but the most wildly improbable sexual accusations carry the weight (and often consequences) of conviction, even in newsrooms.When amplified […]

We Can’t Wait for Easter and the Scary TV Stories About Those Suspicious Easter-Egg Hunts

Acting like it actually was news, an Omaha TV station reported on a cab driver who — like others during the holidays — dressed up like Santa Claus.He had lost his pet dog, during work hours, and was looking for it. He asked passersby for help.This prompted the principal of a nearby school to send […]