Feel Safer Now?

Two recent dramatic illustrations of stark-raving insane behavior driven by┬ánews-media-manufactured fear: Lenore Skenazy tells us about what happened when a man snapped a selfie in a store, and what happened when a man helped a boy retrieve a ball. Pathetic. Especially so when cops feel a need to issue a news release on a guyContinue reading “Feel Safer Now?”

The Clueless Associated Press

The Associated Press reported recently that Wichita’s Louie the Clown, an amusement park dummy that had been missing 10 years, was found (GASP!) in the home of a sex offender. The AP offers no word on Louie’s condition or whether he was examined for, uh, any damage. The AP is the outfit that several yearsContinue reading “The Clueless Associated Press”