Parents, Registered or Not, Have a Right to Be Parents

The vast majority of Registered Citizens do not reoffend and they are not dangerous. If they are parents of children who attend school, they should be permitted just like any other parent to participate in their children’s lives. Here is a story on this topic out of Virginia.

2014 in Review: Refugees in Nebraska

Eleventh in a series reviewing some of the most popular NebraskaFACTS posts of 2014.November 2014Our series REFUGEES USA: Families Destroyed by the Registry is still garnering dozens of new pageviews every day. Part II was one of the best-read:REFUGEES USA: Forced Into Homelessness

Woman Downloads Child Porn to Frame Her Estranged Husband

Guest Post courtesy of Notes from the Handbasketby MarieA Pennsylvania woman tried to frame her husband for child pornography possession by downloading the porn herself and turning the computer over to law enforcement. Her plan was exposed and now she faces up to two years in prison.While the Pennsylvania Sexual Offenders Assessment Board determined Woods […]

Why Is ‘Les Miserables’ So Popular in the Nation With the Most Brutal Criminal Justice System in the World?

Frederic March as JeanValjean in 1935’s Les MiserablesVictor Hugo’s Les Miserables was published in 1862. The French historical novel about a system of law designed to break men, not protect society, has been hugely popular ever since.A 1935 movie version was the first of many adaptations for both television and the big screen, and even […]

She’ll Care When You Care

Here is another thoughtful post courtesy of Notes from the Handbasket:She tells us, “I’ll care when you care.”Kate Mest, at Living as a Spouse of an Inmate, talks about current controversies about civil rights — how to protect citizens from Ebola without violating their right to travel freely, and how to prevent gun deaths without […]