York City Council drops residence restriction proposal

Some good news from Thursday’s York City Council meeting.YORK – An ordinance that would have banned convicted/registered sex offenders from living within 500 feet of a school or child care facility in York was given a second public reading and then dropped for good.More heartening were comments by various council members as to why they decided […]

Federal Court upholds denial of registrant’s right to sponsor wife for citizenship

A federal court ruling of note as reported byACSOL:The Third Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s ruling that an individual convicted of a sex offense does not have the right to sponsor his foreign-born wife for citizenship in the United States in a decision published on July 5. The court’s decision was based […]

Nebraska FEARLESS the subject of newly-published article

Nebraskans Unafraid’s FEARLESS is the subject of a newly-published research paper. The paper, written by Lisa Sample, Brooke Cooley, and Tusty ten Bensel, looks at the creation of FEARLESS and how it helps registered citizens and their families.Here is the abstract from the article.The term sex offender carries expectations that include a continuous level of […]


The June FEARLESS meets in Omaha this Monday evening.FEARLESS meets at 7:00 p.m. the third Monday of each month, at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church, 13232 Blondo Street in Omaha.Registered citizens, their families, and friends are welcome to come and meet with and learn from others dealing with life on the registry.Join the conversation Monday night!

Be FEARLESS in Lincoln Monday night

The next Lincoln FEARLESS meeting is this coming Monday evening. FEARLESS is a place for registered citizens, their families, and friends to meet in a supportive environment to learn about ways to cope with life on the registry.FEARLESS meets in Lincoln on the first Monday of each month, at Calvary United Methodist Church, 1610 S. […]

Superintendent defends decision to allow former registrant to volunteer at school

Here’s a bit of positive news to start your May. The superintendent of an eastern Iowa school district is defending his decision to allow a former registrant to volunteer in the district, even though the decision could cost him his job.The story is reported by Iowa Public Radio.Trent Yoder has been volunteering with Mid-Prairie Schools […]

Registered father prohibited from seeing son in NICU

Another story of a father prevented from visiting his young child in the hospital because the father is a registered sex offender. This story is from St. Louis, Missouri.The man was 19-years-old when the offense happened in 2004. The victim of the aggravated criminal sexual abuse was 13. 14 years later, he is a husband and […]

The child brides of Missouri

The Kansas City Star has a series of articles about the prevalence of underage teenagers who get married — often to older spouses and sometimes to their rapist — in Missouri. Apparently, the Show-Me-State has the most lenient laws in the nation pertaining to 15-year-old brides, and the state is a destination for many seeking […]

Wisconsin registrant sues hospital that won’t let him visit son

Hopefully, this will spur changes in the hospital’s policy and maybe spur hospitals elsewhere with similar policies to rethink those harmful and exclusionary rules. Such policies punish families and do nothing to keep anyone safe.MILWAUKEE (AP) — A registered sex offender forbidden from visiting his severely ill 9-year-old son filed a lawsuit Friday against Wisconsin […]

Legislature debates bill to control high-cost calls for inmates

The Unicameral debated a bill (LB776) that would require city and county jails to provide inmates with affordable communications, via telephone or video conferencing, with their attorney and family. Omaha Sen. John McCollister introduced the bill.A person housed in a city or county jail has not necessarily been found guilty of a crime yet, said […]