Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?

That seems like a silly question, but Trevor Hoppe writes about his research on sex offender registries and what he calls our nation’s “war on sex.” He says there are racial disparities tied to sex offender registries. In my work on sex offender registries, I have found that black men in the U.S. were registered at ratesContinue reading “Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?”

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Warns of Phone Scam Targeting Registrants

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is warning of a phone scam targeting registered sex offenders. Someone is calling registrants, claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Office, and then telling the registrant he/she will be arrested for a violation if the registrant does not immediately send the caller payment in the form of an iTunes orContinue reading “Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Warns of Phone Scam Targeting Registrants”

Nebraska spends more than $50 million annually for civil commitment

That total is from a Nebraska Legislative Fiscal Office memo, sent in response to a request for information on the costs to maintain the civil commitment programs at the Lincoln Regional Center and Norfolk Regional Center. The total costs amount to nearly $37 million at the LRC and more than $13.6 million in Norfolk, andContinue reading “Nebraska spends more than $50 million annually for civil commitment”