SBDC helps aspiring entrepreneurs

Here’s a resource that could be helpful to anyone who owns a business, or who is looking to start their own business.  SBDCNet is described as a “National Information Clearinghouse serving the Small Business Development Center network and America’s small business community.” The website includes market research reports, tips on how to start various typesContinue reading “SBDC helps aspiring entrepreneurs”

Periodic review of occupational licensing laws discussed

The Nebraska Legislature discussed a bill this week that could make it easier for people with a criminal history to obtain a professional license in the state. As introduced by Sen. Laura Ebke of Crete, LB299 would create a legislative office responsible for reviewing proposed legislation that would enact or modify occupational licensing regulations to ensure thatContinue reading “Periodic review of occupational licensing laws discussed”

Licensing laws block many ex-felons from employment

Stable, remunerative, employment is one key factor that helps people leaving prison from re-offending. Yet many people, including registered sex offenders, are prevented from certain jobs due to state laws that prevent ex-felons from obtaining occupational licenses. Eric Boehm writes about the topic in a report for Reason, including how some legislators and organizations areContinue reading “Licensing laws block many ex-felons from employment”