Election’s coming: Know your voting rights

With the 2016 election just a few weeks away, this essay from the Collateral Consequences Resource Center is a good reminder of the importance of knowing the voting laws in your state – especially if you have been convicted of a crime. In Nebraska, people with felony convictions can vote, with a few caveats. HereContinue reading “Election’s coming: Know your voting rights”

2014 in Review: Voters Reject Bruning and Pirsch

Fifth in a series looking back on some of the year’s best-read posts. May 2014 The architects of Nebraska’s current “hammer and shame sex offenders” law — Atty. Gen. Jon Bruning and State Sen. Pete Pirsch — are kicked to the curb by voters, causing us to exclaim Oh, Happy Day! Bruning, Pirsch Lose atContinue reading “2014 in Review: Voters Reject Bruning and Pirsch”

‘Bash the Sex Offender" a Failing Election Tactic in Missouri, Too

Nebraska is not the only state where a political candidate went down in flames after playing the “bash sex offender” card. In Missouri, where mostly Republicans won (like everywhere else), Democrat Jill Schupp defeated her State Senate opponent, Republican Jay Ashcroft. Prior to the November 4 election, Ashcroft ran ads that attempted to portray SchuppContinue reading “‘Bash the Sex Offender" a Failing Election Tactic in Missouri, Too”