Lawsuit challenges Connecticut town’s "child safety zones"

Courthouse News Service reports that a Connecticut man is challenging his town’s child safety zones, which prohibit registered sex offenders from using most public facilities. The federal lawsuit takes on the stated justification for the ordinance. “The single purported justification for the ordinance is that ‘recidivism rates for released sex offenders is alarmingly high, especiallyContinue reading “Lawsuit challenges Connecticut town’s "child safety zones"”

Family says city’s sex offender law goes way too far

From Courthouse News Service, another heartbreaking example of how residency restrictions harm families. MILWAUKEE (CN) — Prosecuted as an adult when he was 17 for having sex with another teenager, a married man with three children has been sleeping in his truck since a Milwaukee suburb forced him out of his house because he’s aContinue reading “Family says city’s sex offender law goes way too far”

Polygraph therapy scrutinized in child porn case

Courthouse News Service reports on a case in New York that’s drawing scrutiny to the use of so-called “therapeutic polygraphs” for sex offenders. Richard Llanga Moran challenged the use of the polygraph as a condition of his supervised release. The therapist he meets with regularly has found Llanga Moran “forthcoming and engaged in sessions,” butContinue reading “Polygraph therapy scrutinized in child porn case”