Threats to arrest SO’s at KC mission prompt lawsuit

The Jackson County Missouri Sheriff’s threat to arrest registered sex offenders at the City Union Mission has prompted a federal lawsuit, claiming the sheriff’s actions are unconstitutional. The sheriff says the sex offenders are breaking state law by “loitering” within 500 feet of a park.The suit contends that the Missouri law does not adequately define […]

AP Info on Nebraska Law Enforcement Sex Crimes

The Associated Press spotlight on sex crimes committed by law enforcement includes this information from Nebraska:The Nebraska Police Standards Advisory Council decertified 45 officers, eight for sex-related misconduct. Nebraska doesn’t require agencies to report officer misconduct. Officers can lose their licenses for convictions or noncriminal misbehavior.50-State Look at Officer Decertification for Sex Incidents 

Associated Press Shines a Light on Law-Enforcement Sex Crimes

Next time your local law enforcement agency touts something like a Halloween sex-offender patrol, you better hide your kids from those cops.A year-long Associated Press investigation finds that you are at risk of sexual assault from law enforcement itself.A key excerpt:In a yearlong investigation of sexual misconduct by U.S. law enforcement, The Associated Press uncovered […]

Feel Safer Now?

Two recent dramatic illustrations of stark-raving insane behavior driven by news-media-manufactured fear:Lenore Skenazy tells us about what happened when a man snapped a selfie in a store, and what happened when a man helped a boy retrieve a ball.Pathetic. Especially so when cops feel a need to issue a news release on a guy helping a […]

Florida Taxpayers Pay Cops to Mess Around on Computers and Catch Non-predators

Instead of actually protecting their communities, cops in Florida spend their time at computers, pretending to be girls interested in meeting up for sex.We, along with Lenore Skenazy, have to ask:Taxpayers pay law enforcement to fiddle around like this?Lenore Skenazy is host of the reality show “World’s Worst Mom” on the Discovery Life Channel, starting […]