Sex offender registry: More harm than good?

Here’s a thorough article from the CT Mirror, taking a clear-eyed look at the sex offender registry in the state of Connecticut and nationally. In the 1990s, in response to a number of horrific and highly publicized crimes against children, states and the federal government created stringent penalties for sex offenders, notably registries where offenders’ names andContinue reading “Sex offender registry: More harm than good?”

Lawsuit challenges Connecticut town’s "child safety zones"

Courthouse News Service reports that a Connecticut man is challenging his town’s child safety zones, which prohibit registered sex offenders from using most public facilities. The federal lawsuit takes on the stated justification for the ordinance. “The single purported justification for the ordinance is that ‘recidivism rates for released sex offenders is alarmingly high, especiallyContinue reading “Lawsuit challenges Connecticut town’s "child safety zones"”

CT Sentencing Commission approves changes to sex offender registry

The Connecticut Sentencing Commission approved proposed changes to the state’s sex offender registry, which could allow some people to petition to be removed from the registry. The changes were among several proposals the commission approved this week, and they will be sent to the governor and legislature for their upcoming session. On the sex registryContinue reading “CT Sentencing Commission approves changes to sex offender registry”