Federal courts examining constitutionality of sex offender registries

A look at how several recent court decisions against sex offender registries in several states, and the predictable backlash from elected officials in response to those decisions. Colorado’s sex offender registry still hangs in limbo seven months after a judge said it violated the constitutional rights of former offenders, subjecting them to an extended punishment and […]

Attorneys General fighting 2017 Colorado sex offender ruling

Attorneys General from other states want the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn a Federal Judge’s decision that found Colorado’s sex offender registry cruel and unusual punishment. Judge Richard Matsch’s decision allowed three men to be removed from Colorado’s registry.Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter is leading the charge to challenge the decision.Read more […]

Paper questions if there are too many people on Colorado’s sex offender registry

This story is from Aurora, Colorado, but could apply to nearly any state’s sex offender registry.You’ve probably either heard about the list or you’ve seen it. It’s an online compilation of every person in Colorado convicted of what most people imagine are only the most heinous sexual crimes, revealing who they are, what they look like […]

CO Senate committee rejects bill to change indefinite sentencing of sex offenders

In Colorado, it appears there will be no changes to the law that allows indefinite sentencing for sex offenders, at least for now.The Senate Judiciary Committee Monday voted down a bill that would change the state’s laws on indefinite sentencing for sex offenders. The measure, Senate Bill 17, would allow judges to determine on a […]

Greeley’s Alternative Homes for Youth works to rehabilitate juvenile sex offenders

The Greeley (CO) Tribune reports on a non-profit agency that works with teens who have committed sex offenses.Alternative Homes for Youth works with boys ages 13-20 from Greeley, Fort Collins, Sterling and Nebraska. The facility has room for 26 residents. Residents usually stay for about 10 months, Miller said. The facility offers a number of different […]

Colorado man removed from sex offender registry in "unusual" case

Reporter Kaitlin Durbin writes about a Colorado Springs man who has won his battle to be removed from the sex offender registry, in a case described as “unprecedented.” The man was convicted in a Romeo-and-Juliet case in Missouri, for having sex with his 14-year-old girlfriend when he was 17. For more than a decade, David felt […]

Boulder, Colorado says no to residency restrictions

The city council in Boulder, Colorado, recently had a chance to approve an ordinance restricting where people deemed”sexual predators” can live in the city. Instead, they considered the evidence and voted against such a move.The City Council was nearly unanimous in its agreement with the consensus of experts on the issue, who say that housing […]

Colorado county takes sex offender registry offline

Following on the heels of a federal court ruling against the state’s sex offender registry, the sheriff of one Colorado county has taken a rather unusual step. As reported online at Westword:Montrose County, on Colorado’s Western Slope, has pulled its sex-offender list offline, reportedly because of a recent court ruling in which U.S. District Court Judge […]

The politics of defending the sex offender registry

Another good article from Westword delves into why politicians defend sex offender registries, using the recent ruling against Colorado’s registry as a background.U.S. District Court Judge Richard Matsch recently ruled that Colorado’s sex-offender registry violates the due-process rights of three plaintiffs, thereby amounting to cruel and unusual punishment. Boulder attorney Alison Ruttenberg, who’s kept the case going for […]

Colorado to appeal ruling against sex offender registry

This is probably not surprising.Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman announced Wednesday that she intends to appeal a decision by a federal judge in Denver who ruled that Colorado’s sex offender registration law violates the constitutional rights of three sex offenders.Read more here.