Supreme Court won’t hear challenge to Minnesota sex offender case

The U.S. Supreme Court will not hear a challenge to Minnesota’s sex offender civil commitment program. The decision leaves open the question whether Minnesota politicians will make needed, and promised reforms to the program.  While state leaders vowed to continue making changes to the program, others noted that pressure from the court to do soContinue reading “Supreme Court won’t hear challenge to Minnesota sex offender case”

Supreme Court could decide future of civil commitment

The Supreme Court will decide this week whether to take up a case challenging Minnesota’s Sex Offender Treatment (civil commitment) Program.  Maurice Chammah reports in an article for the Marshall Project. If someone finishes a prison sentence for a violent sexual crime, but might still be dangerous, should he be released? How do you knowContinue reading “Supreme Court could decide future of civil commitment”

Missouri Supreme Court backs civil commitment

The Missouri Supreme Court has upheld the state’s program that allows for the indefinite detention of sex offenders. The 6-0 decision, in separate cases involving two men, is reported in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. A public defender for the men had argued their commitments were punitive, meant lifetime confinement and amounted to second punishments afterContinue reading “Missouri Supreme Court backs civil commitment”