Indiana bill would restrict sex offenders’ time at church

It’s the silly season for Indiana lawmakers. A state senator there is responding to an Indiana Court of Appeals ruling allowing three registered citizens to attend church services with a bill that would restrict the time registrants could be at a church. Sen. Frank Mrvan, D-Hammond, has authored legislation that would allow a serious sexContinue reading “Indiana bill would restrict sex offenders’ time at church”

Ethics and Religion Talk: Should congregations welcome sex offenders?

Rabbi David J.B. Krishef asked a mix of faith leaders in Grand Rapids, Michigan their views on whether churches should welcome registered sex offenders. Read their thoughtful responses to the question here. Rabbi Krishef’s response: First of all, my response is based on my own personal understanding of a Jewish attitude towards a communities obligationContinue reading “Ethics and Religion Talk: Should congregations welcome sex offenders?”

When Jesus looks like a sex offender

How should churches react when they find a registered sex offender worshiping in their midst? In a moving post for Patheos, Mennonite pastor Hugh Hollowell explains how his congregation openly welcomes registered citizens – and others. At our weekly service, we share communion every week. And I always end the words of institution with theContinue reading “When Jesus looks like a sex offender”