Guy Hamilton-Smith: Dear Gay

Many registrants will likely be able to easily relate to this moving essay and letter written by Guy Hamilton-Smith.Ryan is the hardest part of my story to explain. We have never met, nor will we, and yet he radically changed the course of my life.The path that I’ve walked since law school was not one that […]

New DOJ report demonstrates stunning disingenuity on cases involving sexual exploitation of children

Guy Hamilton-Smith writes for In Justice Today about a Department of Justice report, ostensibly about federal prosecutions of commercial sexual exploitation of children.A recent bombshell report from the Department of Justice claims that the number of people prosecuted in federal court for commercial sexual exploitation of children roughly doubled between 2004 and 2013.The title of the […]

When autism, child pornography, and the courts collide

Are people with autism over-represented among those prosecuted for possession of child pornography? In an investigation for the Marshall Project, Anat Rubin spoke with autism experts and family members of men who have been prosecuted who are convinced that autism made their loved on more susceptible to downloading child porn. Rubin followed the ordeal of one family.The […]

On the risk posed by those who view child porn

Forensic psychologist Karen Franklin writes a thought-provoking blog post about the prevalence and potential dangers of online pornography.She also writes that those who view child pornography don’t pose a high risk of committing contact sexual offenses.The fact that reported child sexual abuse has continued to plummet in recent years despite the meteoric rise in child […]

Court strikes 19-year sentence for child porn possession

A federal court in New York has ordered a man be resentenced after it found the 19-year prison term and conditions of the 25-year post-release supervision he received for possession of child pornography “substantively unreasonable.”The 2nd District Court ruling came in the case of Joseph Vincent Jenkins, who was sentenced to 225 months in prison, […]

Florida man sentenced to 100 years for possession of child porn

A Florida man, with no prior criminal record, is looking at spending the rest of his life in prison, after a judge sentenced him to 100 years for possession of child pornography. The story is reported in the St. Augustine Record.The sentencing came nearly two months after a jury found Jesse Graham Berben guilty on 20 […]

Records indicate ties between FBI and Best Buy Geek Squad

Court records in an ongoing case in California claim that the FBI paid Best Buy computer technicians to ferret out child pornography on customer’s computers. The Washington Post reports the relationship between the FBI and Best Buy may be more extensive than either admits.The allegations are made by lawyers for a California doctor charged with […]

Papillion, Sarpy County, sued over dismissed child porn charges

The Omaha World-Herald reports that Papillion, Sarpy County, along with the Sarpy County Attorney and several law enforcement officers, have been named in a federal lawsuit over the 2015 arrest of a former Nebraska resident.Wadith “Paul” and Stacey “Nikki” Nader had their lives turned upside down in 2015. That year, Paul Nader was arrested, charged with […]

The Unjust, Irrational, and Unconstitutional Consequences of Pedophilia Panic

Writing in the April online edition of Reason magazine, Jacob Sullom, takes on the irrationality that exists in our nation’s sex offender laws. In his wide-ranging essay, Sullom writes that public fear and disgust lead to strange and uneven outcomes in sex offenses involving minors.Under federal law…looking at child pornography can be punished as severely […]