Yale rape verdict shows how "yes means yes" can be murkier in court

A recent not guilty verdict in the rape trial of a Yale college student is a real-world example of how affirmative consent, or “yes means yes,” (such as is being debated in the Nebraska Legislature) does not make determining whether a sexual assault has occurred any simpler. A New York Times article helps explain the […]

Attorneys oppose "yes means yes" bill

Several people testified in favor an against a bill (LB988) that would have Nebraska adopt affirmative consent as the standard for sexual assault during a Judiciary Committee hearing Friday in Lincoln. Interestingly, the bill seems to have brought prosecutors and defense attorneys together in opposition to the proposal, at least as written.”It’s difficult for us as […]

Committee hearing on "Yes means Yes" bill Friday

The Judiciary Committee will hear testimony Friday on LB988, which would have Nebraska adopt affirmative consent (“yes means yes”) as the standard in cases of sexual assault. Is this a wise course of action?The Omaha World-Herald reports that the Nebraska Legislature is looking at policies and procedures for sexual assault reports from within the legislature and its […]

#MeToo Movement has lawmakers talking about consent

This is a trend that includes Nebraska. From the Pew Charitable Trusts:Fueled by accusations against titans of Hollywood, industry and politics, the #MeToo movement will prompt state lawmakers across the country this year to consider bills that could fundamentally change the culture of dating and sex. States are expected to grapple with legislation to establish affirmative […]