Are sex offenders human?

That is not a trick question. Judith Levine and Erica Meiners pose that question as they consider a few recent documentaries, and other films, that attempt to, with varying degrees of success, humanize sex offenders. Asking whether the sex offender is human only legitimizes the question and reinforces the doubt it arises from: if youContinue reading “Are sex offenders human?”

Call to Action: State Department to Brand Passports

Notice from Registrant TAG: We are reaching out to all and affiliates to respond the recent State Department notice on implementation of the unique identifier provision of IML. public-inspection. 21087.pdf FR-2016-09-02/html/2016-21087. htm It was signed by: Bureau of Councilor Affairs   Sen   Senior Advisor David T Donahue 6826     202-647-9584 We request emails, faxes, phone calls etc be sent to the attachedContinue reading “Call to Action: State Department to Brand Passports”