On America’s Civil Death Penalty: The Sexual Offense Registry

Guy Hamilton-Smith writes a guest blog post for the Comparative Penology website, explaining how U.S. sex offender registries promote social isolation and “civil death.” Here is an excerpt: Oscar Wilde, writing from his cell in the Reading Gaol where he was imprisoned for homosexuality at the end of the nineteenth century, observed that “society reservesContinue reading “On America’s Civil Death Penalty: The Sexual Offense Registry”

ACSOL: MA court recognizes harm to registrants

Here is a positive commentary from the Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws regarding recent rulings from the Massachusetts Supreme Court: The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Council, the state‚Äôs supreme court, has ruled in favor of registrants who were trying either to terminate their duty to register or to change the tier level on which theyContinue reading “ACSOL: MA court recognizes harm to registrants”

Expert: Crime registries turn people into pariahs with "very little to lose"

Another good article explains why registries are a bad idea. In a column at The Appeal, Jessica Pishko writes that public crime registries — including sex offender registries — do not work and are even harmful, even though they are popular with the public and politicians. While public sex offender registries are now required byContinue reading “Expert: Crime registries turn people into pariahs with "very little to lose"”