The uncivil war on sexuality

A blog post tackles fallout from the #MeToo movement. The sex offender registry and draconian laws aimed at offenders has destroyed lives of individuals and families. Today a new form of offender registration has transpired. This new offender registry creates life sentences using the internet as its delivery method carefully skirting libel and slander policiesContinue reading “The uncivil war on sexuality”

Committee hearing on "Yes means Yes" bill Friday

The Judiciary Committee will hear testimony Friday on LB988, which would have Nebraska adopt affirmative consent (“yes means yes”) as the standard in cases of sexual assault. Is this a wise course of action? The Omaha World-Herald reports that theĀ Nebraska Legislature is looking at policies and procedures for sexual assault reportsĀ from within the legislature andContinue reading “Committee hearing on "Yes means Yes" bill Friday”

Op-ed: Don’t overlook fairness to accused

Attorney Ken Garten, writing in the Columbia (Missouri) Daily Tribune, says that the presumption of “innocent until proven guilty” often gets thrown out the window in cases of child sex abuse…to the detriment of not just defendants, but the legal system itself. Yes, these are horrible offenses, and children need to be protected. But theContinue reading “Op-ed: Don’t overlook fairness to accused”