State Patrol Overspends Overtime Budget

The Nebraska State Patrol is $400,000 over budget on overtime, and it doesn’t want to say why. How much of the overage, do you suppose, is accounted for by the useless make-work created by LB 285 of 2009, the Nebraska version of the discredited Adam Walsh Act? Read about the budget overrun here, and rememberContinue reading “State Patrol Overspends Overtime Budget”

New Mexico Radio Program Is Worth a Listen

Listen to the interview of Barry Porter and Sheila Lewis, attorneys from New Mexico, as they discuss reentry barriers and collateral consequences facing those with felony convictions. The show was aired on July 29, 2015 on public radio in Santa Fe and is available online by clicking here. The hour-long show covers many topics withContinue reading “New Mexico Radio Program Is Worth a Listen”

How the State Makes Reoffense More Likely

The vast majority — well over 90 percent — of sex offenders will not reoffend. You have to be deliberately not paying attention if you don’t know that by now. More info here. You also need to know that interventions — like public websites and SO monitoring — in the lives of low-risk individuals tendContinue reading “How the State Makes Reoffense More Likely”