Report: Registries may increase recidivism rates

A report by University of Michigan Law School professor J.J. Prescott examines the effect sex offender registration and notification laws have of the incidence of sexual assault. Prescott’s analysis finds that registration may reduce the number of sex offenses. However, that reduction is limited to friends and neighbors, and the increased recidivism rates due toContinue reading “Report: Registries may increase recidivism rates”

Fighting juvenile sex offender registration

Some states force children as young an nine and ten years old to register as sex offenders, sometimes for life. Some people have taken up the fight against the practice. Read Sarah Stillman’s in-depth report in The New Yorker about how parents, advocates, and registrants are fighting to roll back juvenile sex offender registration.

Time to rethink sex offender registries

In this age of criminal justice reform and reducing prison populations, is it time to also rethink sex offender registries? That is the question raised by an editorial in In These Times. Erica R. Meiners writes: Given the costs of registries and their ineffectiveness at reducing sexual violence, it is misguided to exclude them fromContinue reading “Time to rethink sex offender registries”