FEARLESS in-person in July

  • Second-Saturday downtown Omaha FEARLESS meets on July 10.
  • Third-Monday FEARLESS meets in person on July 19.

There are two July in-person meetings of FEARLESS, the community for people who are forced to register and their adult family and friends.

The downtown Omaha FEARLESS group will meet at 9 a.m. Central time on Saturday, July 10, at Omaha’s Holy Family Church, 1715 Izard Street. Enter the fellowship hall entry to the south of the main church entrance off 18th Street. Park on the street and lock your car.

The 7 p.m. Central time Monday, July 19 meeting of FEARLESS marks the return of this group’s in-person meetings.

The third-Monday FEARLESS group meets at St. Michael Lutheran Church, 13232 Blondo Street, Omaha.

Connect with your community by attending one or all of these meetings.

Journalist will be FEARLESS guest on Monday, June 21

  • Steven Yoder’s work on California’s system was suppressed.
  • Yoder covers criminal justice issues.
  • Contact us if you wish to join us online.

Steven Yoder, a free-lance journalist who has written about registry issues, will be our guest this month for our third-Monday FEARLESS meeting.

We have asked him to talk about the story he wrote about California’s civil commitment program: 

After he found California’s indefinite detention of sex offenders wasn’t working, the state shut him down and destroyed his research.

Should be a great discussion.

(You can find more of Steve’s articles about criminal justice, including registry issues, here).

The 7 p.m. Central time Monday, June 21 meeting of FEARLESS will be online. Email your full name and a verifiable address to nunafrd@gmail.com and we will send you credentials for the meeting, which will again be on Zoom.

Make Sure You Comment on Interim Study of Registry in Nebraska

  • Nebraska Legislature conducting another interim study of the registry.
  • Previous interim studies have found the registry is ineffective, harms many, costs a lot of money and does not help solve or prevent crime.
  • Make your voice heard.

The Nebraska Legislature is undertaking another interim study of sex-offender registration laws.

The study, LR 189 introduced by State Sen. John McCollister, intends to look at these issues, among others:

  • Whether juveniles adjudicated as sex offenders outside Nebraska should register as sex offenders if they move to Nebraska;
  • Whether a tier-based system of differentiated public notification based on the individual’s risk level, seriousness of conviction, and age should be used in sex offender registration; and
  • Changes that could be made to the Sex Offender Registration Act.

Make your voice heard. The Legislature’s LR 189 information page includes a link where you may submit your comments online. It’s easy to find (see the illustration below).

Those of you who have dealt with the Legislature know what state senators need to hear. Let them hear you.

The Legislature has conducted interim studies on this issue before. It has found that the registry protects no one, harms many and does not help solve or prevent crime.

We will track progress in the Legislature on this blog. Meanwhile, here are some helpful links:

LR189 on the Nebraska Legislature website

The Perfect Bad Law

The High Cost of the Adam Walsh Act