What if murder victim had been able to afford a security camera?

  • Condolucci was killed with aid and assistance from the Nebraska registry.
  • Safe and Just Nebraska Inc. exists to help stop such killings and other violence.
  • You can help us with your gift.

Repost from Safe and Just Nebraska Inc.

Mattieo Condolucci was murdered in his home in May 2020 with the aid and assistance of the State of Nebraska.

The killer used the Nebraska State Patrol’s public registry to target Mr. Condolucci, who by all accounts was trying to rebuild his life, find redemption for his wrongdoing, and take care of his family. Omaha news coverage of the murder is notable for its tacit justification of the killing and its weird fetish for the swingset in Condolucci’s yard.

Mr. Condolucci put the swingset there for his grandson. The guy was just trying to be a good granddad. The child would still have a grandfather were it not for the Nebraska State Patrol’s registry.

What if Mr. Condolucci had been able to afford a video home monitoring system, or other legal personal protection equipment? That is one of the questions that prompted the founding of Safe and Just Nebraska Inc. With the aid of your gifts, we help people like Mattieo Condolucci protect themselves from killers and from state law that facilitates the violence.

It’s possible that Mr. Condolucci’s killer would have avoided invading a home had a security camera been in place and visible. It’s possible that Condolucci could have protected himself with other personal safety equipment.

There are other good granddads out there who are forced by the state to register and put their lives and the lives of their loved ones, including children, at risk. Others not forced to register, but who simply have a contact with the criminal justice system in their past, are similarly at risk from crazed and vengeful people.

Safe and Just Nebraska uses gift dollars to make small grants to people whose well-being and lives are at risk in a state where the law facilitates violence against them. Among other things, the grants help people pay for security cameras at their homes. Please consider supporting this program with your gift.

Safe and Just Nebraska provides microgrants to people to buy home safety equipment — cameras, monitoring services, and legal personal protection items. Many individuals who have a previous experience with the criminal justice system are exposed to hatred and vigilante violence. Their homes are invaded, their property damaged and their loved ones are threatened with violence.

Project Reset is a new employment resource

  • Help for justice-involved people.
  • Connected with Nebraska Workforce Development.
  • Downloadable PDF available.

If you’re looking for a job in the Omaha area, you might want to look into Project Reset with the Nebraska Center for Workforce Development and

Project Reset is a nonprofit organization focused on increasing the qualified workforce in the state of Nebraska.

Information provided to Nebraskans Unafraid says Project Reset is designed to help justice-involved people get jobs with the unions. Project Reset is located on the 2nd floor of the Fire Fighters Union hall at 60th and Grover Streets in Omaha.

Download the Project Reset PDF.

FEARLESS in-person in July

  • Second-Saturday downtown Omaha FEARLESS meets on July 10.
  • Third-Monday FEARLESS meets in person on July 19.

There are two July in-person meetings of FEARLESS, the community for people who are forced to register and their adult family and friends.

The downtown Omaha FEARLESS group will meet at 9 a.m. Central time on Saturday, July 10, at Omaha’s Holy Family Church, 1715 Izard Street. Enter the fellowship hall entry to the south of the main church entrance off 18th Street. Park on the street and lock your car.

The 7 p.m. Central time Monday, July 19 meeting of FEARLESS marks the return of this group’s in-person meetings.

The third-Monday FEARLESS group meets at St. Michael Lutheran Church, 13232 Blondo Street, Omaha.

Connect with your community by attending one or all of these meetings.