How to Protect No One

Murdering a registered person in his home protects no one. To assert otherwise is just a means of rationalizing violence.


Nearly all sexual assaults of children are committed by people who are not on a public-shaming website. The rate of reoffending by people convicted of sexual offenses is lower than for just about any other category of offense.

Public-shaming registries do not protect anyone. There is no documented instance anywhere showing that a public-shaming registry prevented or solved a crime.

Public-shaming registries are a relic of a time when politicians supported them to curry political favor among voters who were frightened by a news media obsessed with spectacular (and very rare) criminal cases.

Nebraska’s public-shaming sex-offender website exposes registered people to vigilante violence. In this way, the State of Nebraska sanctions hatred.

Nebraskans Unafraid does not condone criminal activity of any kind. We believe everyone has a right to safety and security, and that includes registered people.

Registered people have families just like everyone else. Many are parents and have children in their homes, and the State of Nebraska’s public-shaming website makes those homes targets for crazed haters and killers.

If you support public-shaming sex-offender websites, you support exposing to hatred and violence the children and other loved ones of registered people.

Nebraskans Unafraid advocates a solution to this problem. The solution is outlined in our publication The Perfect Bad Law. Everyone and anyone who is interested in protecting children should read this publication.


We’ll meet on Zoom

The Monday, May 18, 2020 meeting of FEARLESS will be conducted via Zoom.

To protect your security, we need you to let us know if you want to attend the meeting.

Zoom meeting credentials will be shared with you only if you request them by email. You must provide us with your full and verifiable first and last names, as well as a mailing address that we can verify is connected with your name.

Send a request for FEARLESS meeting credentials to Include your full first and last names and a mailing address that we can verify is connected with your name. When we have verified your identity, we will send you the information you need to join the FEARLESS meeting on Zoom on Monday.

Suspend In-person Reporting During the Pandemic

The Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorneys Association (NCDAA) and ReConnect, Inc., have teamed with Nebraskans Unafraid (NU) to call on Gov. Ricketts to temporarily suspend in-person reporting requirements for registered people during the pandemic.

The request was made in a May 11, 2020 letter to the governor. The letter was signed by Joseph L. Howard, president of the NCDAA Executive Board; Jeanie Mezger, NU Board member; and LaVon Stennis-Williams, Executive Director of ReConnect, Inc.

‘By mandating in person registration during this pandemic, the State forces its citizens to choose between the health and well-being of themselves, their families, and the public at large and compliance with the law,’ the letter says.

Read the full letter here.