Judge Backs Registry of the Registerers; Idea Might Go National

The state has shown us that it really is easy to put just about anyone’s picture out there on the internet. So it is heartwarming to learn that a judge has ruled in favor of a former sex offender who posts photos of court employees. It gets a point across.

A District of Columbia Superior Court judge ruled on January 28 that a convicted sex offender can distribute and post photos of court employees online to protest the city’s sex offender registry. Dennis Sobin, a former pornographer who served more than a decade in prison for a sexual performance using a minor, posted the photos of employees from D.C.’s Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) on idiotsregistry.info saying that sex-offender registries are unfair.

A court employee filed for a civil protection order, accused him of stalking and asked the court to have Sobin to remove her photo. But Judge Todd E. Edelman said that Sobin’s actions were protected by the First Amendment.

Click here to see the national registry of registerers. If you know of politicians or public figures in your region who have encouraged the creation of, or have refused to denounce, government registration websites that target citizens for harassment, please send their names to be added to this list. You can email these names to Staff@SafeStreetsArts.org.

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A Small Step in the Right Direction

A limited step in the right direction in the Nebraska Legislature:

State Sen. Bill Avery of Lincoln has introduced LB 932, a measure that would eliminate the “have you ever been convicted” question on job applications for public-employer jobs. That means jobs with cities, counties or the state.

Avery says that limiting it to public employers is in response to pushback against such an action from private employers. Private employers are within their rights. But they probably are missing opportunities for some excellent and productive employees.

People who have made serious mistakes and who are working hard to put their lives back together are far more motivated, trustworthy and productive than most folks.

Click here to see the introduced version of LB 932.

He Says ‘Kids Come First’ and Public Shaming Registry is Wrong

A talk show host who says, “Kids come first,” says that public registries for former sex offenders are just wrong. If you like the public shaming website in Nebraska, you should listen to this. An example: A registrant who’s done his time, trying to turn his life around and who is arrested for going to church. Don’t we want registrants in church? LISTEN and read the comments: