Thank You for Helping With Our Voter Registration Effort

Thanks to the generous donors who responded to our request for help with mailing voter registration information to every individual on Nebraska’s public-shaming sex-offender website. The mailing goes out this week.

We are reminding everyone that if you are convicted of a felony, your right to vote in Nebraska is restored two years after you have completed the terms of your sentence. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission. Take the responsibility to track the time on your own and two years after your sentence has been completed, go register to vote and then vote. Votes are the only things that matter to politicians.

Always remember that you are not alone. We are 6,000 strong and the number continues to grow. That is a large voting bloc. The state only has the power that we give it. So let’s use the power that we have to protect ourselves and our families.

Nebraskans Unfraid relies on the generosity of donors to accomplish its mission advocating for and supporting registered people, their families and friends.

Donors who give at least $60 a year receive our monthly print newsletter Ninety-five%.

You may donate online or by mail.

Be sure to visit our voting information page.

Researchers at UNO Ask for Your Help

Researchers at UNO are anxious to hear about your lives prior to and after your convictions. Specifically, they are trying to understand the role pornography viewing plays in sex offending.

If interested, please contact Julie Garman at, which is a new email account established specifically for this study. Please be advised that you should use an email address that does not reflect your name or other identifying information, as email addresses will be retained by researchers.