We’ll meet on Zoom

The Monday, May 18, 2020 meeting of FEARLESS will be conducted via Zoom.

To protect your security, we need you to let us know if you want to attend the meeting.

Zoom meeting credentials will be shared with you only if you request them by email. You must provide us with your full and verifiable first and last names, as well as a mailing address that we can verify is connected with your name.

Send a request for FEARLESS meeting credentials to Include your full first and last names and a mailing address that we can verify is connected with your name. When we have verified your identity, we will send you the information you need to join the FEARLESS meeting on Zoom on Monday.

Suspend In-person Reporting During the Pandemic

The Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorneys Association (NCDAA) and ReConnect, Inc., have teamed with Nebraskans Unafraid (NU) to call on Gov. Ricketts to temporarily suspend in-person reporting requirements for registered people during the pandemic.

The request was made in a May 11, 2020 letter to the governor. The letter was signed by Joseph L. Howard, president of the NCDAA Executive Board; Jeanie Mezger, NU Board member; and LaVon Stennis-Williams, Executive Director of ReConnect, Inc.

‘By mandating in person registration during this pandemic, the State forces its citizens to choose between the health and well-being of themselves, their families, and the public at large and compliance with the law,’ the letter says.

Read the full letter here.

Governor’s Town Hall

NET is broadcasting a series of COVID-19 town halls with the governor. Gov. Ricketts has a couple of guests scheduled for each week.

At this web page, people can ask their questions ahead of time.

To ask your question during the program, call one of these numbers: 800-676-5446402-472-1212.

At his town hall last week, there was not a single question about COVID-19 in the prisons. Not a single one. Not even about how to protect prison staff.